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    News DJ KLC Interview

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    Interview done by: OZONE MAGAZINE

    Where would people know you from?
    I was a part of Beats by the Pound. Me, Moby Dick, Craig B, and Odell used to be the in-house producers for No Limit. There was another cat named Carlos whoís no longer with us. I produce solo now, with Medicine Men.

    Why did you end up leaving No Limit? How did things deteriorate?
    When people bring up the money I do talk about it, but it wasnít the money that made us leave. It was the communication. When [Master P] decided to go pursue his basketball career, it fucked up our communication. Whenever we had to talk to him, we had to go through somebody. When it goes through somebody, it gets back to him all fucked up. That started some bullshit. Money didnít have anything to do with us leaving, but after we left, shit, he started sending papers to our lawyers about ďfailure to report to work.Ē So we were like, fuck it. We were never signed to a contract, so we wasnít even tripping on the money. We just wanted out. There were several times when we, [Beats by the Pound], tried to talk to him to get the situation solved, because it was some minor shit. It was just his pride. And one thing I know from experience is that heís a real good person, but heís influenced by the people around him. So a lot of the decisions that he made didnít really come from him, it was just what other muthafuckers was telling him.

    What did you see happen to No Limit after you left?
    He broke chemistry. You canít do that. These days in music, production is the key focus. Iím not taking nothing away from no rappers, but itís just at that point where everyone wants the right beat. They canít do nothing without that beat. Whenever a label goes shopping for a deal, the majors want to know whoís producing your records. Look at Cash Money: Baby ainít stupid. Juvenile left, B.G. left, Turk left, but Mannie still there. He wonít let him go.

    Is there anything P could have said or done to make you stay? Offer you more money?
    You know what it was? All he had to do was come to us and admit heís wrong sometimes. All he had to do was say, ďMan, my bad, I fucked up.Ē But heíd rather shit out $30,000 or $40,000. Heíd rather give us money instead of admitting he was wrong.

    When did you finally leave No Limit?
    We left in 1999. As a matter of fact, the last song I produced on No Limit was ďFuck Them Other Niggas.Ē After I did that song, shit just ainít get worked out. We had a meeting with him where he finally offered us a contract, but the contract wasnít good. He was in a conference call, probably somewhere in L.A., and we were waiting for him to call. After waiting six or seven hours, he finally called. The meeting went like this: P said, ďIf youíre not going to sign the contract, get the fuck out my face.Ē So we got the fuck out his face and never went back.

    What have you been doing since then?
    Working on my album and producing some other things. I did the ďMove BitchĒ record for Ludacris, and Iím working on some tracks for T.I. and Trick Daddy. I also have my album coming out.

    Are you rapping on the album, or mostly just producing?
    Just a lilí somethiní, somethiní. It ainít serious. I have other people to do that. I have an all-star lineup: Mystikal, Snoop, Juvenile, Lilí Jon, Soulja Slim, B.G., Daz Dillinger, Fiend, Mr. Serv-On, Don Yute, C-Nile, Beautiful, and a lot of other artists. Fiend is on the lead single, ďDown South.Ē Itís still the same Pound: me, Craig B, Moby Dick, and Odell.

    Are you putting the album out independently or looking for a major distributor?
    It all depends if the labels start acting right. Independent is offering me better money than the majors. People want it, but if the majors ainít talking right, then Iíll go independent. Iíll make more money but Iíll have to go out and work the record more, which is actually something I need to do. People donít know me, they know my music.

    Why did you decide to change the name?
    When we left No Limit, P had some other producers working under the name ďBeats by the Pound.Ē His production was so fucked up, it burned the name. Anything after ďFuck Them Other Niggas,Ē we didnít produce.

    Why did Master P file bankruptcy?
    P still has loyal fans, but like I said, itís all about chemistry. People want to hear him on our shit. Whenever Snoop puts out a record, they still want to hear him on a Dr. Dre beat. Whatever Missy puts out, they wanna hear her on a Timbaland beat. Beats by the Pound created the No Limit sound from day one. Since 1995. When I hooked up with P in 1995, he was still in Oakland. He was buying beats from like ten producers. When we came up, it just fit. I hooked him up with the beat for ďBout It, Bout It,Ē and that turned out to be the biggest song on his first album.

    How does the creative process work when you have four people in a production team?
    It all depends. Most of the time we work individually, but there comes a point on the record where we might do three or four songs together. We each have an individual sound, so thatís why it balances out on the record. A real No Limit fan or Beats by the Pound fan could listen to a record and know which one of us did it.

    Were you close to Soulja Slim?
    Soulja Slim was actually my very first artist. Back in 1991, before I hooked up with Beats by the Pound, I had a record label. Mystikal, Mr. Serv-On, Soulja Slim, Pound, and Fiend, those were my artists. A lot of people donít know that I brought them to No Limit. Me and P damn near got into it over Soulja Slim and Fiend, when I first brought them in. This was at the beginning, when P was building the company. Eventually, everyone came to an agreement. Fiend was on the ďBout ItĒ soundtrack, and after he did that song, it was official that P wanted to fuck with him.

    So who would you credit with No Limitís success?
    It was a collective effort from everybody. Everybody finally got their first break to be put out on a major, so it really didnít matter whose album it was. We all came together in one room and made an album, and had fun doing it. It was never one person individually making his own record. It started getting like that later on down the line.

    What other projects are you working on?
    We just signed a cat named Calico, and weíre working on his project. Weíre also working on a Medicine Man album called Beats by the Pound. B.G. and Soulja Slim also got an album together called Ainít No Limit to my Cash Money. Itís hot as fuck. Itís probably the most gangsta shit youíll ever hear in a long time. Everyone always wondered what it would be like if Cash Money and No Limit worked together. Soulja Slim actually brought B.G. to me, so his death really brought me and B.G. real close. When me and B.G. do a song together heíll flow on it, but [Slimís death] will fuck with him. It really does affect him. It was real hard for both me and him. Slim and B.G. was real close, even when that Cash Money/No Limit shit was going on. Nothing broke their bond. Nothing. Thatís how it is with me and Mannie [Fresh]; a lot of people donít know that cause they never see us. Me and Mannie are real tight. We have the utmost respect for each other when it comes to our work. He loves what I do and I love what he does.

    Anything else you want to say?
    Be on the lookout for the new KLC album, KLC the Drum Major, coming in August.

    New Kane & Abel shit coming in Oct

    Both drop Oct 26th

    Kane & Abel "Street Legends" (former members of No Limit Records)
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    good info, im looking for a klc come back he still good with the beats...

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    he need to go ahead and drop that shit he did with soulja slim

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    Master P is a dumb ass for letting Beat By the Pound leave. Like KLC said in the interview, Baby ain't never gonna let Mannie leave Cash Money. P let his ego get in the way.

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    No Limit's saving grace was their production. when BBP left, no limit tanked ( i made a funny)

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    Wow, I didn't know alot of that stuff. Him and Mannie tight? That's good though. And today is the LAST day of AUGUST when the fuck is his shit droppin'. He is by far the best producer outta BBTP. He did all the soldiers songs if I'm not mistaken and their best joints imo are from him. I knew as soon as I heard Move Bitch who it was. He's nice I want his album. I was amped when I heard that Down, Down, South, South from Fiend. I'm glad I got that instrumental. Drop ya shit KLC. And fuck Master P he got what he had comin' gettin' big headed on his peoples.

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